Acoustic Hood for Romeo, Juliet, Index Basic D V5


This Acoustic Enclosure is designed for use with the Romeo 60 and Juliet 120 & Index Basic D V5 Braille Embossers. The enclosure provides a solution for reducing the natural noise that is produced when embossing materials using a Braille embosser.

The Acoustic Enclosures modern design makes it a welcome addition to any classroom or office environment, and it creates a new level of harmony by reducing the perceived noise level of your Romeo 60 and Juliet 120 Braille Embosser by 90%.

The Acoustic Enclosure requires no electricity. Its clever design utilizes the embossers cooling fan to provide the proper amount of ventilation inside the enclosure. There is also no assembly required. Simply remove it from its protective packaging. Place it on a sturdy table or desk. Place your Romeo 60 or Juliet 120 inside the appropriate area of the enclosure. Install Braille paper and close the cover.

The enclosure can hold approximately 100 sheets of paper and retain approximately 100 embossed pages of Braille inside the enclosure itself. This unique design keeps the embossing noise inside the walls of the enclosure and does not allow it to escape through unnecessary openings. The enclosure also comes with a paper cutter that will allow you to cut the paper while the enclosure is closed so you may remove the embossed document.

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