EasyConverter Software


Save time and money creating accessible documents using the EasyConverter software from Dolphin. Start with almost any file format and convert the content to braille, large print, MP3 audio, MS Word and/or DAISY formats in seconds. The project wizard will guide you through the conversion process, making it easy to create accessible documents regardless of your experience level. Better yet, once your original file is in EasyConverter, producing a copy in any of the other alternate formats is quick and easy! EasyConverter is truly the most versatile accessible conversion software available!


Convert nearly any type of file into braille and other formats in a few simple steps with the Dolphin EasyConverter software!

  • Create Large Print, MP3, DAISY, MS Word and Braille formats
  • Easy to use with just 3 simple steps to convert existing documents
  • Input documents in Word, PDF, text, html and many other file formats
  • Scan your paper documents – OCR included
  • Ideal for beginners – No expertise required
  • Selection of natural-sounding voices from Nuance
  • Be responsive to the needs of your employees, students or clients by offering content in a format to suit their individual needs

EasyConverter’s user interface provides 3 simple steps to converting your documents:

  • Start your conversion here: choose whether you would like to start a new project, quickly convert a simple document or open an existing project
  • Project view: make edits and add headings to your document before converting and make new alternative formats
  • Resulting alternative formats: view and manage all the alternative formats in your project

Quick Conversions

The Quick Conversion option simplifies the conversion process to only 2 stages: select your source document and select your alternative format. It’s that easy! Quick conversions are ideal for creating a single alternative format from a simple source document.

New Projects

The New Project option is ideal for converting a single source document into one or multiple alternative formats. The option is also best suited to converting complicated documents with options to make changes to the document (such as adding heading levels) before creating alternative format versions. Plus, when you choose to create a “New Project,” EasyConverter saves your source document for future use, meaning you don’t need to input or scan your source document again to create another alternative format.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for converting from a scanner or PDF

Accurately mark-up your scanned documents and PDFs before creating alternative format versions through the OCR Editor. Mark-up text, graphics and tables and specify the reading order of your document and more. Find out more by watching this short video tutorial.

EasyConverter’s OCR Editor is powered by Nuance OminPage 16.5.