EyePal Solo


The Eye-Pal SOLO is a stand-alone scanning and reading appliance with OCR and read-aloud capabilities, so no computer knowledge is required. It scans up to 20 pages per minute and reads text nearly instantaneously, allowing users to work quickly without frustration. Eye-Pal SOLO easily and accurately reads printed material from books, newspapers, magazines, mail, and more – without the need of a computer. Save documents in .TXT or MP3 format to a USB flash drive. You can even connect a monitor to the Eye-Pal SOLO LV model to display text in a high-contrast, large font for low-vision users. The Eye-Pal SOLO is fast, accurate, and easy to use – start listening today!



Eye-Pal Solo is one of the world’s easiest to use reading devices. Just plug it in, place down your book or newspaper and it reads to you! Motion activated; it knows when you turn the page. Eye-Pal Solo is designed to make the joy of reading accessible to those who prefer assistance such as the elderly or visually impaired.

With Eye-Pal Solo no computer is required!

  • Created by the makers of Eye-Pal
  • Compact tabletop or bed side design
  • Reads any printed material with virtually no set-up
  • Ready to use, right out of the box