Zoomax Snow 7 HD Plus Portable Video Magnifier


Zoomax Snow 7 HD Plus is the first 7″ handheld video magnifier in the global market adopting text-to-speech technology. Offering storage for up to 1,000 images and superb distance viewing, Snow 7 HD Plus is a new entry for low vision people to regain independence. Two versions with text-to-speech included and excluded (advanced and basic version) are both available.



The Snow 7 HD Plus Features include:


Do you sometimes find it tiring to read long documents or books? No need to worry, Snow 7 HD Plus has got you covered. When you choose the Snow 7 HD Plus with Text-to-Speech, you get an easy to use 7-inch video magnifier with powerful OCR and speech. With support for English and almost 20 other languages, Snow 7 HD Plus lets you take a photo image of a page of text, and then converts it into speech for you. Words are highlighted in a contrasting color as they are spoken out loud.

Snow 7 HD Plus Text-to-Speech



Snow 7 HD Plus is the first 7-inch video magnifier with enough internal storage to hold up to 1,000 images. The device also supports 2-way image transmission with a Windows PC, using the supplied USB cable. Why restrict yourself with a video magnifier with little or no accessible storage, when you can have Snow 7 HD Plus?

Snow 7 HD Plus storage for up to 1000 images



Thanks to its HD 13 megapixel camera, Snow 7 HD Plus now allows low vision users to view things in close-up and distance mode. Use distance viewing to check out a menu board at a restaurant, signs on a wall, or watch something on television. Image quality is exceptionally good. Check it out!

Snow 7 HD Plus superb distance view



Panning lets you move over the entire magnified image. Old handheld magnifiers require you to manipulate a tiny joystick in order to move around a magnified images. The new Snow 7 HD Plus is different, and better. The amazing touch-screen lets you move a finger in any direction you want, and the screen moves with you. It doesn’t matter if your hand trembles a bit. Unlike the old joystick approach, panning on the Snow 7 HD Plus is smooth and easy to do. Enjoy!

Snow 7 HD Plus panning




The reading line can help you locate content more easily. It is especially helpful for people suffering with vision distortion. With two types of reading lines – horizontal and vertical – Snow 7 HD Plus simply makes the reading experience better.

Snow 7 HD Plus reading line



Do you want to extend the amount of continuous use you can enjoy with Snow 7 HD Plus? If you don’t plan to use it for a while, give a quick press of the power button, and Snow 7 HD Plus enters standby mode, conserving power in the process. Waking up from standby is quick too. Just tap the power button again. Perfect!

Snow 7 HD Plus standby mode



The optional easeArm is the perfect accessory for Snow 7 HD Plus. After clamping the base of EaseArm to the edge of a desk or table, an adjustable swivel arm presents itself with a slot where you place Snow 7 HD Plus. Perfect for stable, tremble-free reading, and if you have the version of Snow 7 HD Plus with speech output, the EaseArm makes it easier to take photos of text that you want to have converted and spoken out loud. Finally, the EaseArm can adjust up and down, allowing hands free viewing of text, or objects.

Snow 7 HD Plus swivel arm