Acesight VR – Electronic Eyeware


With the Acesight VR, you can regain visual independence. The powerful visual technology of the device helps you enjoy favorite activities such as watching television and reading.

Acesight VR offers an incredibly smooth and bright image without any lag — perfect for watching your favorite television shows. Thanks to the 48 megapixel camera, the screen resolution is a remarkable 2340×1080, producing vivid, full HD images in extraordinary detail.

Why Are Acesight VR Electronic Glasses Unique?

Watch your favorite TV shows with an incredible smooth and bright image, but without the lag.

Acesight is cool in more ways than one. Best of all is the cool operating temperature, even after 1-2 hours of continuous use.

There is nothing complicated about Acesight. Sit down, put it on, and enjoy what you see around you.



Specifications & Benefits

Clear Display

Screen Resolution – 2340×1080 Full HD

The industry-leading resolution of Acesight VR makes everything look and feel great. You will notice the image looks vivid and bright.

Camera – 48 Megapixels

Acesight VR is full of pleasant surprises, including an amazing 48-megapixel camera that is up to 4 times better than anything else.

Field of View – 65°

With an extra wide 65° field of view, Acesight VR lets you see more of the world around you.

Weight – 1 lb

At just under 1 pound in weight, Acesight VR is lighter than most other wearable devices and feels comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of use.