I’ve known him for over 15 years. He is without challenge the best in this field!
Bill Boules – Veterans Administration Director

“Mike Hage is the hardest working man in Adaptive Equipment for the Visually Impaired.”

Michael Elliott, former Bureau Chief, Division of Blind Services

“Mike Hage (ECVA) provides exemplary customer service. More often than not Mike will provide many services beyond our requests to alleviate future problems with no expectation of remuneration. His favorite response is “I already took care of that.” He is an expert in his field and he’s honest. He performs our requests courteously and thoroughly and our clients trust and respect his expertise.”

Denise Vaughan, former District 1 Administrator, Division of Blind Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Chip Farrington for several years and I cannot express how thankful I am for his knowledge, professionalism, and helpfulness. He has always been an intricate piece with helping my clients regain or maintain employment and independence in their home. His personable and upbeat attitude has served him well as he has made many friends among my diverse clientele. Without him on my team, I would have struggled understanding and remembering the vast world of assistive technology, but he was always willing to teach me so I could better serve others. He was always up for the task with helping me brainstorm on technology needs and he would do whatever he could to help make sure people with vision impairments could reach their full potential. He is a true asset to the field.

Rachel L. Wheeler, CRC, Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation For the Blind

“Please know you are “The One” Tallahassee Community College chooses to do business with when it comes to Disability Support.”

Margaret Hardee, former TCC DSS Coordinator

“The continued support and giving spirit of corporations like Emerald Coast Vision Aids helps Sight Savers to fulfill our mission, to insure the best vision possible for all children.”

Jeff Haddox, President/CEO, Sight Savers America

Dear Mr. Hardy (Optelec President), I asked for your contact information so I could share my family’s experience with you. My husband had worked with your company before to give the gift of reading back to his aging mom. She’s been telling us for over a year what a difference it has made. Several years ago, my own mom started dealing with vision issues that ultimately resulted in total loss of vision in one eye and nearly all in the other. My husband kept encouraging me to reach out to your company to give it a whirl, but I was so worried about presenting her with yet another disappointment that I kept putting it off as a non-viable option. About 6 months ago, she was diagnosed with round 2 of cancer that has resulted in a severe decline of her ability to get up and about. Needless to say, she has been missing the ability to read even more since she can’t distract herself as much with “going”. So, I made a tentative phone call and spoke with the most delightful Sharla who put me in touch with Mike Hage. Mike is a wizard. There is no other accurate description, and it should be on his business card. His demeanor with me initially was open, caring, calm, informative – all elements that created an instant atmosphere of trust – so we setup time for him to visit with my mom in short order. Unfortunately, I am in Texas, and she is in AL so I could not be there, but my sister could and while Mike was there, “playing with the systems” with them, my sister called all giddy and excited. Mike took the same caring and unhurried demeanor he exhibited with me into that meeting and created the most wonderful experience for my mom. By the time he left, she half expected to see his wings and watch him fly away. The conversations that day in our family and close circle of friends was full of joyful and appreciative tears. My mom never thought she’d be able to read again. Never. This is an experience that only someone who has experienced can understand. I know my thoughts are so similar to other testimonials on your website and I have to believe you often hear similar comments about Mike. The experience is undoubtedly successful and enhanced by the love he brings to it. While I am certain it is the same for him with each interaction, he made us feel like we were the MOST important people he had ever met. His parting words to my mom were “This is not good-bye. This is the beginning of our relationship. You need to call me for any little question so you can truly enjoy this gift.” We know he means it and I wanted to share that loving dedication with you. Thank you for the products, the caring concern, the dedication to exploring new technology, and making it all available in such a one-on-one fashion. It’s such a lost art today. THANK YOU. If there are other details that I can share or you care to discuss, please feel free to reach out.

Most Sincerely, Valerie Davenport for Trudy Taylor in Luverne, Alabama