BrailleSense 6 Notetaker with 32-cell Refreshable Braille Display


BrailleSense 6 is an innovative collaboration of Braille and mainstream technology, offering the blind and visually impaired unprecedented accessible and intuitive productivity in today’s tablet-based world.

Android 10 – The latest operating system in a braille notetaker

Octa-Core CPU – Increased performance for multitasking and meeting demands of powerful apps

128 GB Storage – For keeping all of your files with you, no matter the size

6 GB of Memory – For when you need to get things done fast without the lag

Share Visually with USB-C – Ditch the screen and share visually with a single cord, just as it should be

Ultimate Connectivity

Mix audio tracks, live stream video, and more with off-the-shelf peripherals






Mainstream Speed

When you need things done, the BrailleSense 6 gives a whole new level of power. With an 8 core CPU and 6 GB of memory, you will experience performance you have never felt in a braille notetaker.

2X More — CPU Cores than the next leading braille notetaker.

50% More— Memory than the next leading braille notetaker.

100% More — Storage than the next leading notetaker.