OrCam MyEye 3 PRO


Independence Wherever You Go

The most advanced vision impairment wearable solution – Get text read to you from any book or screen, recognize faces, accurately identify products, and with the new smart magnifier feature, you can quickly get information and ask questions interactively.

Seamless Text Accessibility

The OrCam MyEye 3 Pro provides a wide range of reading capabilities that can be activated by voice command, hand gestures or a touch bar. It starts reading from any surface, and from any point of the text.

Read Only the Text That Interests You

Instantly find the information you’re looking for with a simple voice command. Say ‘Find dessert’ to explore menus, ‘Read the headlines’ for newspaper insights, or ‘Read the dates’ in any document.  It’s your personal reading assistant, ready to simplify your life.

Advanced Magnification Meets the Power of AI

​Upgrade your reading experience with a magnifier that not only effortlessly enlarges texts and images but also answers your questions.

Premium Offering with the Smart Magnifier

OrCam’s Smart Magnifier transforms your screen into a customizable magnifier, making texts, handwritten notes, and images easily readable. Just upload documents to zoom in, adjust contrast, and have it read aloud to you. The advanced tool even supports text in over 140 languages.

Interactive AI Assistant

Discover the “Just Ask” feature while using OrCam’s Smart Magnifier. Interact naturally with the AI assistant and receive immediate responses to all your questions, whether related to text or other subjects.

Recognize Faces, Identify Products, Money Notes and colors.